30 Days of Doctor Who

Day 6:

 If you were the Doctor, what would your catch phrase be?

This is a hard one.  This is like the go to phrase for The Doctor when he wants to amp things up, so it’s got to have some power behind it.

I always loved the 9th Doctor’s catch phrase:

So, I think mine would be:


Simple and to the point.

30 Days of Doctor Who

Day 5:

 What’s your favorite episode?

One of my favorite episodes would have to be the Human Nature and The Family of Blood story.

In this episode, you get to see The Doctor as a human and it’s great!  You see him get flustered, angry and even fall in love.  I’m not saying that The Doctor doesn’t have these feelings as a Time Lord as well but in human form, they are amazing to watch, especially seeing The Doctor allow himself to fall in love and act upon it.  We also get introduced to:

The Fob watch, which will play an important part at the end of this season.

I love how in these 2 episodes you get to see The Doctor go from heart wrenching moments, like choosing if he was wants to remain human, where he see’s that he will get married, have a child and live a happy and rich life or go back to being The Doctor and how the choose affects him:

To how he deals with the Family:

These are hard episodes to watch but that’s because they tell an incredible story.

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30 Days of Doctor Who

Day 4:

Who has been your favorite historical appearance?

Mine would have to be Shakespeare:

This was an early episode for The Doctor and Martha and The Doctor wanted to show off the TARDIS.  The Doctor considers Shakespeare a genius and they both are excited to hear him speak:

And when he does, The Doctor is not impressed with him:

But The Doctor and Martha meet him after the play and they start their adventure together.  It was a great adventure, something very much like out of a Shakespeare play.  I thought the way they played Shakespeare was great and I loved reading his plays in school, so I got really excited when I heard their was an episode with Shakespeare in it.

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30 Days of Doctor Who

Day 3:

Invent a new feature for the Sonic Screwdriver. We know it doesn’t do wood, but can it clean up spilled drinks?

New feature for the Sonic Screwdriver?  Well, if wood is out, than how about a Danger Detector?

It seems like The Doctor is always wondering into some kind of trouble, right?  So, why not have a default setting on the Sonic Screwdriver that goes off when he is about to wonder into trouble, it can go ding when there’s stuff.

30 Days of Doctor Who

Day 2:

Who is your favorite companion?  Donna Noble.  When we first met her, I wasn’t sure about her, she was very gruff and very different from Rose and Jack.  But then when she showed up at the start of Season 4 like this:

I thought, oh yeah, she’s going to be great!  Through her season with The Doctor, I fell in love with her character and her character development was amazing.  Then when we reached this moment:

I was a mess, I just cried.  I felt so bad for both her and The Doctor.  Everything she had become and learned and then taken from her in one moment to save her life.  RTD really knows how to go for the heart and trample on it.  One more happy picture of Donna to remember her by:

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30 Days of Doctor Who

Okay, so I’m going to try my hand at this and see if I can keep it going.

Day 1:

I remember being about 5 years old and my parents were watching Doctor Who on PBS and I remember seeing this man with an incrediably long scarf blowing behind him as he ran across the English countryside.  This was my first impression of The Doctor, though I was too young to stay up that late and watch the show with my parents.

The next time I remember watching The Doctor was the movie with the 8th Doctor with my parents.  I thought it was fantastic and wanted to watch the actual show but unfortunely the show wasn’t being played much at that point in the US.

But The Doctor I call my Doctor is the 9th Doctor.  When the series started up again, I was in college and I didn’t have access to cable so I had to wait until it showed up on Netflix.  I finally got to see complete Doctor Who episodes and I fell in love with the show, from it’s actors, to it’s writing and it’s storytelling.  

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Favorite Things Part 2

Next up, is:

This is such a great TV show.  It ran for only 2 seasons on ABC from 2007 - 2009.  It was another show that got told it was being canceled about halfway through it’s 2nd season and it tried wrapping up some of it’s loose ends by the last episode.

If you don’t know this show, watch it.  The way the stories are told are just incredible.  The story centers around a pie maker, Ned (Lee Pace), who can bring people back from the dead for less than a minute without any dire consequences but more than a minute and something or someone has to die to take there place.  Ned works with Emerson Cod (Chi McBride) who is a private investigator whose interested in collecting reward money for the deaths.  Along the way Ned brings his childhood sweetheart, Chuck Charles (Anna Friel) back to life and the real problems begin.

First, look at the actors in this show:

Lee Pace:

Kristin Chenoweth:

Chi McBride:

Anna Friel:

Ellen Greene:

Swoosie Kurtz:

Plus, a whole truckload of cameos George Hamilton to Paul Rubens.  And the show has Ellen Greene!  Ellen Greene!!!!  For those of you who don’t know she was Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors:

She is such a fantastic character actress!  And Little Shop of Horrors is amazing but I’ll get to that later.

And the show was created by this guy,

Bryan Fuller:

He has created other shows such as Dead Like Me (I’ll talk about that later as well), Wonderfalls and Hannibal.  He got his start writing episodes for Star Trek Voyager and all of these shows are just great as well.

This show had such a unique voice.  From the rich and vibrant colors to the narrator to the way it would blend humor in the show.  And how, especially in the 1st season, it would almost always have a “awwwww” moment between the pie maker and Chuck.

The show tells a love story about two people who can never touch or the other would die.  How do you keep that fresh without it becoming annoying?  This show finds that balance and goes with it.

In the first season, it’s all about “monster of the week” type story lines.  In the second season, they try to go with an overarching villain but it falls apart quickly.  It’s still really worth watching, just to watch the scenes between Chi McBride and Kristin.

Oh, and Kristin Chenoweth and Ellen Greene sing songs in the show.  There is no musical episode but there are random songs that they sing and they are wonderful!  In fact, early on in the 1st season Kristin sings a song to herself in the pie shop (called the Pie Hole) while cleaning up, which is great.  Then the night janitor comes in to clean the floors and has headphones in and she continues to sing and dance behind his back as he waxes the floors.  That’s the moment I fell in love with the show.

The show doesn’t take itself too seriously and allows crazy things to happen to it’s characters.  It was so pleasant to watch this show while it was on the air, it was like a nice gift each week to look forward to.  It has this idealistic view of love and how romance should be but it’s set in such a far off, fantasy place that you know it’s only true in stories.  The 2nd season tried to start dealing with the realities of love between Ned and Chuck but it felt forced and awkward in the show’s format and the side characters like Emerson and Olive and the Aunts become more entertaining to watch.  It’s like Ned and Chuck become a train wreck you can’t take your eyes away from.

I loved how the show made me feel at the end of each episode, warm and fuzzy inside.  When you look at what else is usually on TV like, CSI, Law & Order, Bones, Supernatural, even sitcoms like How I Met Your Mother or Scrubs, while these shows are great and entertaining in their own way none of them in a constant way made me feel warm and fuzzy inside by the end.  And sometimes, that’s what you need at the end of a long day. 

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Favorite Things

I wanted to share some of my favorite TV shows, movies, video games, etc. with everyone because it seems like fun.  But not just a list of them, I want to share they why and the “so what?” factor that they have on me.  So, here goes the first one.


This was such an incredible show and it lasted only one season.  Half way through the season the show got it’s marching orders and so the creators of the show sped up the story lines to try to give the show some closure.

Some of you will know this show right off and love it.

Some of you will know about this show and hate it.

Some of you will be like,


This show aired on NBC during the 1999 - 2000 season.  Director and Executive Producer of the show, this guy:


Mr. Judd Apatow.  He and along with this guy, 


Mr. Paul Feig, who was the creator and exectuvie producer of the show.  The show was loosely based off his book,


I adore and love Paul Feigs’ work.  He is fantastic.  Some of his other works include:


The Heat


Lots of episodes for:

The Office

Arrested Development

Parks and Recreation

He’s also an actor, writer and producer.  Great, funny guy.

I know the moment I fell in love with this show.  Towards the beginning of the pilot epsiode there is a dinner scene with the mom, dad, and the two kids, Sam and Lindsay.  Here’s the set up:


And the following conversation happens:

Jean Weir (Mom): You know, I ran into Mrs. Patten today at Farmer Jack. And she said that she saw you smoking.
Lindsay: Well she’s crazy. Mom, I can’t believe you. You seriously think I would start smoking?
Harold Weir (Dad): You know, I had a friend that used to smoke. You know what he’s doing now? He’s dead!
Lindsay: Daddy, if I started smoking I would tell you.
Mr. Weir: Oh. Good. Now I don’t have to worry.

Mrs. Weir: Alright, kids. HIgh school is for learning but it’s also where you should be learning to socialize. That’s what high school dances are all about.
Lindsay: No they’re not. It’s a chance for popular kids to experiment with sex in their cars.
Mrs. Weir: Lindsay!
Mr. Weir: Hey!
Lindsay: I mean, if that’s what you want me to do then I’d be happy to go.
Mr. Weir: You know, there was a girl in our school, she had premarital sex. You know what she did on graduation day? Died! Of an overdose. Heroin.

Mr. Weir: You know who used to cut class? Jimi Hendrix. You know what happened to him? He died! Choking on his own vomit.
Lindsay: Daddy, I skipped Latin.
Mr. Weir: Oh. Well I can understand why you wouldn’t want to learn about that. It’s only the building block of our language.
Mrs. Weir: Well I’m just glad your Grandmother wasn’t alive to hear about this.
Mr. Weir: You can’t cut corners in life! You know who cut corners? Kennedy! Kennedy cut corners when he was running the Bay of Pigs. A lot of good men lost their lives because of it. You know who else cut corners? Janis Joplin.
Lindsay: Dad! What are you talking about?! You don’t make any sense. I just cut class and guess what? Everybody’s still alive. Just leave me alone!

After this scene, I knew this was going to be a great show.  Just the way the dialogue flowed and how the kids interacted with the parents, it just felt very natural.  And the dad, Mr. Weir, became one of my favorite characters.

As I watched the show I felt I connected more with the geeks, like Sam,


I think I made this face in gym class before.

I liked how it showed the all the hardships of high school, I was a junior in high school when the show was on, so I could really relate to it.  But the show made it realistic, not something over the top or soap opera like.  We saw with shows like Beverly Hills 90210 how there were no real characters and everything is manipulated.

The show also had some good actors in it when they were just starting out like,

Seth Rogen


James Franco


Jason Segel


And Busy Philipps


This show will always have a soft place in my heart.

Now, the “so what?” moment.  What makes this show about teenagers in high school different from all the others?  I think it has to do with there being a heart to the show.  So many times you see shows about teenagers and you can tell it’s being written by people who’ve never had those experiences and the way they approach it is just awful.

This show was all about there characters living in this world of the high school together and trying to make the best of this forced experience.  Early in the pilot we know Sam is getting bullied at school and his sister Lindsay has to step up and protect him.  Sam in not grateful for the help and Lindsay feels trapped because doesn’t matter what she does, it’s never the right choice.  The show allows these characters to search for the “right choice” for them, it be smoking pot, cutting class or wanting to date the head cheerleader, it’s about them searching for a way to survive high school.  When you’re in high school, that’s all you want, is to survive and maybe that’s why this show reaches out to me so much.

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The Avengers 1978 movie promo


I had to explain the Hawkeye joke to my boyfriend. Because I’m old.

I would so watch this version of The Avengers.  It wouldn’t be any good but it would be entertaining.  Especially Paul Lynde as Loki, that would be awesomely bad.

Paul Lynde as Loki: (After being punched and thrown about by The Hulk):  Oww, that hurt.  Who would do that?  That’s just rude.  I’m just going to pick up my limbs and go.

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Is this a real poster?  Because if it is, I want it!!!  I would hang this up in my  room so badly.
I just got done watching the 4th season of Modern Family and Billy Dee Williams makes a guest appearance as himself and everyone was remembering from different movies but no one was saying Star Wars.  Until Phil at the end of the episode brings it up, the first thought he had when he saw him and I thought, yup, I’m Phil when I grow up.

Is this a real poster?  Because if it is, I want it!!!  I would hang this up in my  room so badly.

I just got done watching the 4th season of Modern Family and Billy Dee Williams makes a guest appearance as himself and everyone was remembering from different movies but no one was saying Star Wars.  Until Phil at the end of the episode brings it up, the first thought he had when he saw him and I thought, yup, I’m Phil when I grow up.

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